1- What is mashroo ? What does it mean ?
Why should we buy thobes from mashroo ?
Ans : Mashroo is derived from Arabic word that means " all those things that are lawful for human consumption.

Mashroo - Thobe for every wardrobe is India's first and only registered thobe brand based in the financial capital of India Mumbai.
With in house designing and production, where quality is checked right from the fabric selection until packaging.
Our quality is as per the international standards.
Once you buy a Mashroo product you can be rest assured you have the best.
Thobes are designed in such a way that it fits perfectly.

2- What is worn under the thobes ?
Ans : Ideally thobe izaar or a pyjama, something that is not seen or visible from under the thobe .
You could also wear a three fourth pant, or shorts.

3- How do we measure the length and size and know what thobe will fit which age group ?
Ans : Thobes are available in all sizes starting from kids aged
3 years onwards.
Below is the break up :
Size 3 - Length 28 - for age group 3-4 years
Size 5- Length 32- for age group of 5-6 years
Size 7- Length 36 - for age group of 7-8 years
Size 9- Length 40 -for age group of 9-10 years

B1- Length - 43 for Age group of 11-12 years
B2- Length - 46 for age group of 13-14 years
B3- Length - 49 for age group of 14- 15 years

Small - Length 52 , Chest 36(Plus 6 inches​ loosing)
Medium - Length 54 , Chest 38 (Plus 6 inches​ loosing)
Large - Length 56, Chest 40 ( plus 6 inches​ loosing )
X- Large - Length 58, Chest 42 (Plus 6 inches​ loosing)
XX- Large - Length 69, Chest 44 (Plus 6 inches​ loosing)

4- We buy thobes from countries in the Middle East , is the size chart same ?
Ans : NO, mashroo follows its own formulated size chart and fit, that has been formated after a lot of Research and development
Usually in the Middle East - thobes come in sizes like 52-M , 54- S , 56- S and so on.
Mashroo has a simple and crisp size chart consisting of three Categories :
KIDS : 3/5/7/9
BOYS : B1/B2/B3

5-What fabrics are mainly used ?
100% cottons, blended cottons, polycottons, chambrays, indigos, polyester blends
Best Natural and synthetic Fabrics are sourced from all over the world and are used to make Mashroo Thobes.

6-What is the exchange policy ?
Ans : Goods purchased can be returned within 7 days, as long as the product is not stained or damaged and the tags should remain intact .
Call customer care on +971 52 885 1444 for further support.

7-First wash dry clean or normal?
Ans : We recommend first wash to be dry clean. More so for light coloured thobes and denim ( indigo thobes )

8-Where is this manufactured ?
Ans : Thobes are manufactured in Mashroo's self owned production facilities in Mumbai - India, under strict supervision.

9-Thobe is also known by what other names ?
Ans : Jubbah / Kandoora / Arbi jubbah / Dishdasha

10-Thobes are of how many types, and which one's does mashroo make ?
Ans : Thobes are of different styles, people living in different middle eastern countries, where their own style,
Saudi style (Standing collar, can be soft or hard ),
Bahraini (Shirt collar ), Emrati ( Round neck with front tassel ),
Omani ( Round neck with no tassel )

Mashroo's design team incorporates all these styles and blends it with trendy contemporary designs.

11- what do we do if there is a glitch in checkout or payment option ?
Have an immediate live chat with one of our agents , shoot a mail to mashroo.ae@gmail.com , or get in touch on whatsapp on +971 52 885 1444.